Join us!

There is a core description about the idea, the data flow, the need for the partner stations including some cost estimations. This is the content of EarthLAT1200_Project.pdf:

  • aim of the project
  • core meeting point
  • data flow structure
  • short outlook of a single partner station
  • different contribution levels for partner sations
  • estimated costs of a partner station.

A more detailed description of a partner station - here KEPLERUHR - contains:

  • outlook of a single partner station
  • HW/SW-structure
  • configuration files for automated readout
  • estimated costs of a partner station.

Get/download the project folder.

The schedule is (now we are at 4.):

1. Embed the first webcam showing a sundial

2. Present this project at meetings, mailing lists etc.

3. Open the call for contributions

4. Embed other webcams and start the automated switching.

This is the first candidate supporting data for this project:

KEPLERUHR – a huge vertical sundial
N 48° 14′ 06,7″ – O 13° 50′ 01,3″
Grieskirchen, AUSTRIA

Due to latest presentations the list of interested teams is growing:

  • Austria - at least 3 (1 active)
  • Malaysia - at least 1
  • Germany - at least 4 (1 active)
  • Romania - at least 1 (1 active)
  • Thailand - at least 1 (1 active)
  • Spain - at least 1
  • New Zealand - at least 1.

The registration procedure needs some little paper work:

1) Partner stations have to accept the Terms&Conditions (acceptance via registration form).

1) For a new partner station you have to download and fill the registration form.

2) You may send the filled registration form via e-mail to

3) The registration will be checked by staff members. They will reply with the according FTP/REST/Login data.

4) Start your uploading of moving shadow images!